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Landscaping Design Services in Tulsa, OK

Through landscaping design, old space can become like new. Private land and commercial properties alike can benefit greatly from landscaping, which is why we at LA Studio are proud to offer landscaping design service to the people of the Tulsa, OK, area. From your first visit to the completion of the construction, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

What We Offer

Our landscaping design services begin with an initial meeting where you’ll discuss your goals and ideas with an expert. We’ll visit the site, create some concepts, and with your help, decide on a final design. Then, we’ll move on to making the construction plans, and finally, to the construction. From beginning to end, you can count on LA Studio to deliver a quality product.

Why It Matters

Landscaping design is a deep, multi-faceted endeavor that has a lot of important components. Design is the primary focus and requires many years of experience to do well. Additionally, a proper landscaping project involves careful budgets, building permit acquisition, and construction oversight. If you try to tackle all of this yourself, you may find yourself overwhelmed.

Professionals can help. With so much depending on the success of the landscaping projects, you don’t want to take any risks. With LA Studio supporting your project, you can rest assured that your project will be carried out legally, safely, and affordably.

Who LA Studio Is

At LA Studio, we take pride in the variety of landscaping projects we can undertake. During our 20+ years of service, we’ve designed pools, patios, kitchens, gardens, cabanas, and even guesthouses. Our experience has given us the knowledge to perform and design projects as well as connections with the best contractors in the area. You won’t find this level of expertise anywhere else.

Are you ready to begin the landscaping design project that will completely transform your Tulsa, OK, property? LA Studio is ready to help. Call us today at (918) 230-0517 to get started.

Creating your Landscape design

First Meeting


Every landscape design starts with an open discussion.  What are your project goals, needs, and wants?  Do you have a budget in mind?  How will the project area be used?  We like to start the process with questions like these as a means to serving you better!  

On-Site Visit


After an initial meeting, a visit to your project site follows.  We photograph, measure and shoot elevations at key points.  We take this information to create a computer base of existing site conditions for reference during the concept development stage and for use in creating construction drawings.

Creating Focused Concepts


During this landscape design phase, our design team works through different concept ideas.  We work behind the scenes to zero in on and refine concepts that we can take to you for your input.  3D concept work is often used as well, so that different ideas can be better pictured.

Deciding on the Final Design


After going through these first concepts with you, we work to make any needed revisions, identify and source project materials, and move towards finalizing the conceptual landscape plan.  

Making Construction Plans


In this landscape design phase, we create all the detailed plans needed to bid, build, and, if applicable, gain city-permitting for construction.  

Construction oversight


With building plans in hand, the project is bid out and construction begins.  LA Studio provides oversight to insure that work is done properly, issues resolved, and timelines followed.